Complementary and Integrative Medicine

This universe is one big sea of energy - we are all connected

Everything is Energy - One Mind - One Energy

Over the last two decades the growth of integrated health care facilities and practitioners has been staggering. From the early behavioral medicine and health psychology days to the present, when, according to the National Institute of Health National Center for Complementary and Alternative Therapies, approximately 36% of adults are using some form of Complementary or Alternative Medicine, CAM therapies have become more and more main stream. (*)

In a survey when Americans were asked why they would use Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 55% stated that they believed their health would be improved if conventional medical treatments were combined with CAM. I have personally experienced on myself the holistic healing modalities I now practice. I believe they have been essential not only to help restore and mantain my health, but foremost they have been catalysts for profound personal changes, and they keep improving daily my understanding and appreciation of the human experience.



The Trivedi Effect®

E.F.T. and Energy Healing

Transformational Breath®

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