Fabio Massimo Paciucci is currently attending his last term and he is about to graduate from Pacific College of Health Science, with a doctorate degree in acupuncture therapy and Chinese medicine.

Fabio has come to Chinese medicine studies through his interest in herbal medicine, together with nutrition and mindfulness in the treatment of chronic disease.

He has observed and treated patients for the past four years, both in the college clinic and in other integrative clinical settings. Fabio has been striving to bring his compassionate approach in assisting patients in their journey into better health, and facilitating the personal creation of an optimal state of being for themselves through  the achievement of inner balance.

Fabio is also passionate about energy medicine, and studying and understanding the health benefit offered by self cultivation with Tai Chi and Qi Gong practices.

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  1. it always amazes me when people from a whole different career find and thrive in the healing field. Just goes to show that Fabio is out to help people because the corporate world is all the money and healers aren’t.

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