Fabio was born and raised in Rome, Italy where he attended the Università La Sapienza. As a pre-med student he was an intern at the Policlinico Umberto I.

Following his passion for the performing arts, Fabio subsequently  moved on to study anthropology and theatre.   As an actor he performed with the avant-garde dance theater groups Dark Camera and Forza Maggiore. 

Fabio first came to New York City, through an exchange visa program with a scholarship to study contemporary dance with the late Merce Cunningham. Later on, he received a B.A. from Brooklyn College, and worked extensively in film production, and TV/radio broadcast news.

Compelled to follow a more healthy lifestyle, Fabio  got increasingly involved with food and nutrition. More recently, he has worked for Whole Foods Market as a cook. 

At the same time, Fabio has always nurtured a keen interest in holistic healing.  

As a certified Transformational Breath Facilitator, he trained with Judith Kravitz.  Fabio  has lead classes and group workshops both in Boston, MA, and New York City.

Practicing both the Jvamukti and Integral Yoga styles he has lead classes both in Manchester, NH, and New York City. 

In addition, Fabio has trained  in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki tradition with master Brian Brunius;

He has studied EFT, emotional freedom technique, as well as energy Medicine and Chakra healing with Carol Tuttle;

Fabio was introduced to elements of the ancient tradition of Russian Shamanic healing by Antonio Silva;

He is a trained Quantum-Touch™ healer.

Currently Fabio has joined the Trivedi Healers Mastery program. Through a collaboration program with other Trivedi™ distance healing masters, Fabio has published a short number of scientific papers about the healing effects of biofield energy.

At the present time, he is enrolled in a doctoral program for acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego/New York. 

Fabio is proud of having experienced a great variety of different gigs, jobs and occupations. Among the others, he served as firefighter in Italy, and at a much younger age he left town one summer to work with a wandering circus.

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  1. it always amazes me when people from a whole different career find and thrive in the healing field. Just goes to show that Fabio is out to help people because the corporate world is all the money and healers aren’t.

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